Workers Write! Tales from the Club contains stories and poems from workers in the nightclub industry.

Introduction by David LaBounty
Serving Saturday Night by R.T. Castleberry
A Woman Walked Into The Bar
by Linda Heuring
Bravas 8 Is Not A Space Station
by Diggory Dunn
Phoenix Rising by John Lavelle
Interlude by Sue Mayfield Geiger
Cantina Conmen by Emma Sullivan
Boondocks by Jo-Anne Rosen
The Best Thing That Happens Is I Never See You Here Again by Dave Barrett
The Furtive Men Perform Nightly At The Wretched Street Bar by J. J. Steinfeld
Matriarchal Bar Meeting by Elliot Slater
Conversation Piece by Keith Scales
That Touch Of Drink by Joe Dinnen
A Night Just Like Any Other by Bradford Middleton

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